No Box

Be distinctive,
make your mark
no matter what
others say

They can't see
your vision
don't know your thoughts
or your way

You're set apart
from a rigid format...
the natural scheme
of things

'Outta Tha Box' 
but not the same

"So, distinctively
make your mark!"



With every step I take

I'm closer to-
accomplishing goals I foresee
being the ME I long to be
accepting challenges around me
interacting, as possibilities surround me
reaching heights I never thought could be
reached, as time allows me
being full of life, feeling alive,
positive vibes, reaching for the sky
not being stagnant as others enlighten me
although taking leaps sometimes frighten me
but with each leap I take
knowing they are ones of Faith
with each step, I make and focus
on each step - to bring me closer
- to You

© 2018 PJ Payne

Love Priceless

So many people want
The finer things in life
That which one thinks
Would bring less strife

When actually these things
Are just a notion
Something gathered
To appease the emotions
Something tangible
You can look at
Touch and feel
What they’re good at

Having ‘things’ bring
All they think they need
Filling their void
With luxuries indeed

But the reality of it all
Is that man has began
To take the easy way out
Buying on demand

When in actuality
What's really needed

can’t be bought
It’s given so freely
See, it’s Love you’ve sought


On Time

We cannot believe sometimes
What God has done
He answers prayers
One by one
You think He doesn’t hear
You think you are forgotten
Then He steps in with answers
To prayers 'you' had forgotten

You went on your way
Becoming complacent
Not trusting Him to respond
'Cause your time was wasting
Not realizing
He does things in order
In a sequence of His own
By Him, the Father

So there is no question
Or limit 
on His time
Just trust, wait and see
Works will unfold, sublime
With what He bestows
On us
, just for the asking
Making dreams a reality
Making wants practicality

So we become a living witnesses
To what the Lord can Master
His way, His time, not ours
But couldn’t have happened any faster

©2018 PJ Payne

While You Wait

Waiting rooms can depict
a beauty from within
You know not what to expect
until you walk in

But also in waiting rooms
you meet different people
From different walks of life
you meet different people

But, the commonality
in your meeting that day
is the REASON
that might, or may
constitute a similarity
that lays to rest
The questions of 'why'
you ‘ALL’ are guests
In ‘that’ waiting room…

©2018 PJ Payne


Coffee inspires numerous ideas. Whether writing, reading, crafts or whatever is enjoyed during coffee-time, we want to help integrate creativity and revitalization. As you enjoy your brew, here is one of our many coffee-inspired products.

 *More Inspirational  Writing*


He told you
Lean not on self
for He is the one
who would see you through

He told you
Put your trust,
not in man
but in Him, the Man above

He told you
Cast all your worries
and don’t hold back
He would gladly take your burdens

He told you
He would make a way.
You couldn’t see it then,
but your help was on the way

He told you
There is a lesson
in all you go through,
there is a blessing

He told you

You would see the light
Don’t give up

Your battles, He would fight

He told you,
He told you,
He told you listened






About the Author

Hi. I'm PJ Payne and I can remember as a child how freshly brewed coffee started my mother's day and most of her evenings. It is reminiscent of calm and simplicity and has stayed with me ever since.  Now, as an adult, it is in these moments of peace that I am able to exhale, reflect and embrace the essence of my mind and spirit through words.

First thing in the morning before my day begins, I go to my special place of peace, perfect peace: My Coffee and Thee. No matter the environment, the aroma of coffee takes me to that corner of nostalgia. 

 With pen at hand and precious moments of serenity, I express innermost emotions and thoughts in short stories, poetry, and prose; some even sprinkled with my dry wit and humor. My concept: "There is a poem for every situation, prose for every circumstance and a card for every special day and special person."



~PJ Payne

Coffee and Thee presents-

Your Coffee Fix

The Climb

I know what you feel
I know what you’re going through
I know what’s in your heart
Because I’ve gone through it too

You’re crushed, you’re heartbroken
You’re not in touch with reality
You’re seeing but not seeing
Things are a blur In front of you
But there is a saying
That you’ve probably heard
“This too shall pass”
And thus, I’ve learned
That over the years
The time will come alas
Maybe not when you want it to
Maybe not this week or next
But someday you’ll awake
And to your surprise, you’ll take a step
You never thought you would take
Into your healing, into your horizon
Into a zone where there IS joy
And eventually, a smile
Because you will have been
Through your valleys and depths
Laid and stayed for a while
Then all of a sudden,

mountains you’ll climb

And climb to the very top
No fear will be upon you,
As you’ll give it all you’ve got
Because a fresh spirit will have risen
A renewal of the heart
It’s there and you can feel it
For the taking; all, not just part
I know what you’re feeling
I know what you’re going through
I know what’s in your heart
Because I’m still going to it…


After the Rain

After the rain
Comes the Spring
After the rain
Birds Sing 

Feel the briskness of the breeze
See the replenishing of seeds
Smell the aroma - fresh grass - leaves
Touch His Harvest as you seize
and Taste of God’s natural feeds
Hear Him say ‘My Child your needs
I will supply’ and thus appease
All of your senses

And so it seems
…after the rain


A Given

I asked for tranquility
You gave
I asked for humility
You gave
I asked for love
You gave
Companionship, not lust
You gave
I asked for a new life
You gave
For being a good wife
You gave
For protection, for comfort
You gave
The safe-haven I had longed for
You gave
And when that wasn’t enough,
You gave insight I had asked for
Then I asked for answers again…
And You gave
“Oh, how patient You were, though I rushed.”

When it was dark, I had a lantern,
You gave
Opened doors I couldn’t fathom
You gave
Couldn’t take pain any longer and
You gave
Picked me up, make me stronger
You gave
Turned my whole life around
You gave
A new outlook I’ve found
You gave 

And in all of Your giving
I could not imagine
How I could go on living
Without the love and compassion
You gave
Yes, You gave.
...Just for the giving.


It's Time

We hear the expression
“It's time"
But does it resonate
In the mind
The true meaning of
That phrase
Or is it taken for granted
As a phase
Of our lives,
In our walk,
Just a notion,
And not talk the talk
Do we understand
That above and beyond
Our minute thinking
It is necessary to respond
To instincts which are more
Than just notions
Out of context
Not in portions
But precisely given

From a realm
Or a specified epoch
Set aside by Him
That we can't foresee
Exemplified by a need
to know and believe

When “It's time....”