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Sip'n Seek

Aiming to please
We adhere to requests
Analyzing and editing
Making sure it’s the best
Fit for you and yours
As well as occasions
Instinctively satisfying
Elements of persuasion

As you scroll thru
Our pages of glory
Perusing our store of
Endless gifts and stories
Finding your niche
Befitting and exciting
Hope your experience
Is refreshing and inviting

And upon your return
As you WILL come back
With inquisitions, renewed interest
For contemporary or artifact
The peace you will find
While you sip and seek
Bringing serenity to mind
Serendipity Guaranteed



Now, See

Mysteriously, out of nowhere
It unconsciously wells up and flares
Emotionally comes to light
With precision, blinding the sight

The tear rolls down
The tear flows down
The tear holds down
The fear. Known now
What the tear releases
What the tear foresees is
That the tear unleashes
The tears' uneasiness

Be it, woman or man
Be it, boy or girl
The tear demands
Unveiling to the world
The real deal
What is hidden inside
Revealing and unmasking
What facades hide
...but you now see



Just when I think there is nothing left to write I settle in with a cup 'o Joe and my fingers began to type. Then I'm swamped with ideas, coming into remembrance. Expressions may be unorthodox and sometimes relentless.
Thought I didn’t have much else to say. 

But me, with my friend at hand, we didn't come to play! Passions and emotions are expounding and exuding. All are flowing freely, not yet concluding. Plenty of kinetic energy, 
freelanced brainwaves, empowered poetic literacy. Just having a ball, my way!
Even jabbering and gibbering and sometimes making no sense. But expressing my inner soul, at my mind's expense. Wondering what is left? What will come from my next brew?
Check back and you may find, it is all about you!
Hmmm, Next?



Inspired Writings

About the Author

Hi. I'm PJ Payne and I can remember as a child how freshly brewed coffee started my mother's day and most of her evenings. It is reminiscent of calm and simplicity and has stayed with me ever since.  Now, as an adult, it is in these moments of peace that I am able to exhale, reflect and embrace the essence of my mind and spirit through words.

First thing in the morning before my day begins, I go to my special place of peace, perfect peace: My Coffee and Thee. No matter the environment, the aroma of coffee takes me to that corner of nostalgia. 

 With pen at hand and precious moments of serenity, I express innermost emotions and thoughts in short stories, poetry, and prose; some even sprinkled with my dry wit and humor. My concept: "There is a poem for every situation, prose for every circumstance and a card for every special day and special person."



~PJ Payne

Coffee and Thee presents-

Your Coffee Fix


Coffee inspires numerous ideas. Whether writing, reading, crafts or whatever is enjoyed during coffee-time, we want to help integrate creativity and revitalization. As you enjoy your brew, here is one of our many coffee-inspired products.


We think and we think
And we think again
Thinking, as we think
Where does it  all end

Really it's not as complex
As we make it out to be
Really seems far-fetched
To just let 'it' be

...the Mind


The Mind

The Future-
Full of mysteries
Where will you end up?
Where to begin?
There are so many hiccups
With whom or where you will be?
How to handle disappointments?
Or your low points?
So many questions

There, for the asking is relief
Just when you need a pick-up
Know this-
There is a God!
Of the many questions
About your fate
Every hour
Every minute
To the date
He has answers
He is the Answer
You don't even have to