The Look

Mirror, mirror
On the wall
Tell me what you see
Mirror, mirror tell me
If it’s true that we
Can easily find fault
In others; their looks
what they say
And not see visibly
Just look away

Mirror, mirror be honest
Is this really true
When I surmise
Through mine-eyes
Is this Me really You?


Happy Chooseday

​Let’s call today Chooseday
A day of choices
Choose to be humble
Subtlety, versus noisy
Choose to listen
Choose to first think
Choose to be grateful
For even the little things

Choose to be happy
Choose to be kind
Choose to bless others
To smile, not whine
Choose patience
Choose what you say
Above all, choose love
The best choice for this



Make up your mind
Say what you want
Make up your mind
Say what you need
Put it out there
It's yours for the asking
You say you need 
A Shoulder
A new this, new that
What are you waiting for 

What you want might be
Right before your eyes
Right in front of you
And It's been there
all the time.
Just make up your mind



Think about it
You're striving for something
But how much do you want it
Are you just waiting on
Someone else to own it
Take it upon yourself
Take the control out of their hands
Execute your own ideas  
And be ready to expand

You can  do this
You know you can
But continuing to wait
Is not the best plan
Time will pass
Maybe even years
That wait would eventually
Fall prey to your fears

Wake up now
From being complacent
Remove obstacles 
Out of the way
It's in you. You know this!
You've got it like that!
When you name it, you claim it
And that's an actual fact
…the wait is over


Last NIght

Did you not
wake up this morning?
It was orchestrated
Did you have control
over that or whatever
transpired last night 
while you slept? 
So why worry
about anything? 
Instead, pray about 
Tell God what you need 
Thank Him for all 
He has done 
Thank Him for 
what He will do 
Then you will experience 
God’s peace, which exceeds 
anything you can 
His peace will 
guard your heart;
Your mind
You woke up this morning
didn't you?


Cup o' Tea? 

Cooking- not my forte'
Cooking- not on today
For this day is limitless
Got so many other things I can do
Cooking- not on the menu

I can't miss
what I don't do
No need, if it's
what is done by youCooking
Just another 
chore, so I won't bother
getting hot ‘n sweaty
cause I'm getting ready
for Dinnertime.
Not prepared by me
since cooking is
not my cup o' tea  

Just give me Coffee!



Don't touch me
Don't call my phone
or alert me in any way
shape or form
Cause all you'll get
are grunts n groans
Unless you confirm 
'Coffee's On!'


Coffee and Thee presents-

Hi. I'm PJ Payne and I can remember as a child how freshly brewed coffee started my mother's day and most of her evenings. It is reminiscent of calm and simplicity and has stayed with me ever since.  Now, as an adult, it is in these moments of peace that I am able to exhale, reflect and embrace the essence of my mind and spirit through words.

First thing in the morning before my day begins, I go to my special place of peace, perfect peace: My Coffee and Thee. No matter the environment, the aroma of coffee takes me to that corner of nostalgia. 

 With pen at hand and precious moments of serenity, I express innermost emotions and thoughts in short stories, poetry, and prose; some even sprinkled with my dry wit and humor. My concept: "There is a poem for every situation, prose for every circumstance and a card for every special day and special person."



~PJ Payne

About the Author

Your Coffee Fix

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Coffee inspires numerous ideas. Whether writing, reading, crafts or whatever is enjoyed during coffee-time, we want to help integrate creativity and revitalization. As you enjoy your brew, here is one of our many coffee-inspired products.


Inspired Writings

An Open Book

Once upon a time

I tried to cook
But everybody knew

For me, what it took
Tried many dishes

So many misses

Soups. Stews

Casseroles... bad news

Even tried to cook rice

Not once, but twice

Kept burning the stuff

Pre-cooked wasn't enough
Came to the conclusion

And this is what it took
If it’s not ‘coffee’

Then I need a book!!



Waste Not

Your mind 
Your thoughts 
Your time 
Your finds 

Your mind 
Your musicality 
Your creativity 
Your musing 
Your fusing 
Your mind 
You're defined 
Your mind. 
A terrible thing
to waste.


Is It Over?

On  Hold! 
Not enough
time in a day
Things are not
going my way
Fine lines
No time!
Fix-It, Coffee!! 


The Gift

You are an individual

of wisdom
'God don’t make no fools'
Given to you
as others
A sound mind-
a common tool
See, all it takes is
a thought process
To set His gift
in motion
It doesn’t allow
one to be misguided.

The gift of great notions