Some may not be old enough
for you to percieve
That they've been through some things
you wouldn't beleive

See, age is not always
a tell-tale sign of the times
Age is not always the cap on
experiences that some bind 

Their numbers may not seem
like many, to some of you
But until you’ve lived and walked
in their tattered shoes
you cannot witness what
you have not experienced
For the bags you see under their little eyes
 are the residue of tears in it

Some may not be old enough
for you to believe
that they’ve gone through some storms
So…don’t be deceived
….by ones youth!




Inspired Writings

About the Author

Hi. I'm PJ Payne and I can remember as a child how freshly brewed coffee started my mother's day and most of her evenings. It is reminiscent of calm and simplicity and has stayed with me ever since.  Now, as an adult, it is in these moments of peace that I am able to exhale, reflect and embrace the essence of my mind and spirit through words.

First thing in the morning before my day begins, I go to my special place of peace, perfect peace: My Coffee and Thee. No matter the environment, the aroma of coffee takes me to that corner of nostalgia. 

 With pen at hand and precious moments of serenity, I express innermost emotions and thoughts in short stories, poetry, and prose; some even sprinkled with my dry wit and humor. My concept: "There is a poem for every situation, prose for every circumstance and a card for every special day and special person."



~PJ Payne


My coffee and me
A fitting combination to see
When you see one
The other, you also see
Hand in hand
Like none other
As the hourglass has sand
One cup fills another

Enjoying the feel
Of each moment
Savoring its thrill
Spending time, wanting it
Aromatically soothing
Is every simmering pour
Smooth indulgence, proven
and affectionately adored

My coffee and me
"Just try it, you’ll see!!"


On Time

You think He doesn’t hear
You think you are forgotten
Then He steps in with answers
To prayers 'you' had forgotten 

You went on your way
Becoming complacent
Not trusting Him to respond
'Cause your time was wasting
Not realizing
He does things in order
In a sequence of His own
By Him, the Father

So there is no question
Or limit on His time
Just trust, wait and see
Works will unfold, sublime 
On time


The Bed Spread

Who are you and
What are you to do?
Sit and wait
For as long as it takes
To receive those things
Which are not due you?
Then you’ll freely partake
‘Til you are thru…?

Quit lying down
On your bed of ‘do nothing’
Get up! Make a move!
Stop the sulking!

No rhyme or reason
For what you don’t do
For there are others
Worse off than you

With reasonable grace
He’s bringing you thru
This is a lesson
He’s only teaching you

'Whose' are you and
what are you to do?



Hey, I just had to let you know
that the day I met you, I fell in love.
And since that day, I have fallen in love with you
over and over and over again.

You’ve made me laugh.
You’ve made me cry,
even though you didn’t mean to.
You’ve made me open my eyes
to bigger and better things.
It’s like a light bulb has gone off in my head.
You’re IN my head, all the time.
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but “I trust you!”

I now have a new outlook
A new perspective, new hope
I now have someone to call on
24 hours a day; any time any way
I know who I can lean on
when the going gets rough

Can you truly grasp the magnitude 
of this feeling of love like that?
I shouldn’t have to ask you that because
the love I feel is no comparison to how
you love me.
Get this! “You loved me first!”
How unselfish is that?
That’s why the more I get to know you,
the more I fall in love with you
over and over and over again, Lord.

Your Child 


 *More Inspirational  Writing*

Coffee and Thee presents-

Your Coffee Fix


Coffee inspires numerous ideas. Whether writing, reading, crafts or whatever is enjoyed during coffee-time, we want to help integrate creativity and revitalization. As you enjoy your brew, here is one of our many coffee-inspired products.

The Cost

If I had known yesterday
What I know today
How different would things be
Would I have gone or stayed

If I had known yesterday
What I know today
My pace would have been a little slower
Would have paved a brighter pathway

If I had known yesterday
What I know today
The things I deemed important
Would’ve taken a back seat to family

If I had known yesterday
What I know today
I’d have walked a mile for a smile
And a tear would not have donned a face
If I had known yesterday
What I know today
Living life and loving harder
Would’ve been the order of the day

If I had known yesterday
What I know today
I’d have struggled to give, versus to have
Realizing the rewards in the price He paid

-That's what I know today


Last Minute Queen

People who notice her say
she has a knack it seems
for taking her time-  borderline
So she’s labeled 
the ‘Last Minute Queen’

Others just can’t understand
how time pumps up her adrenaline
The closer it gets to deadlines
the further she’s away from finishing

It’s not anything that is planned
Just seems to end up that way
Her plate gets full and overflows
‘til the ‘last minute’ comes in to play

You wouldn’t believe, a stringent time frame
enables better work to get done
In her heart, she wouldn’t have it any other way
“On time, is not always fun!”

So, she’s dubbed the ‘Last Minute Queen’
Worthily named, you must confess
But she finishes any task set before her
And at the twelfth hour,
…her VERY best!


The Unimaginable

We sell
ourselves short
because we
don’t really
trust in the Lord.
We sell
ourselves short
because we
can’t perceive
what is NOT
before our eyes…
That He can deliver
above and beyond
If we would only
open our imagination
to receive



To be or not to be
that is not a question 
for you or for me
For you are and I am 
and will always be

Whether here 
or whether
be all you can be
Shine your light
and never entertain 
or question 
the person you are now 
or what is --
To be or not to be? 



Isn’t it frustrating
The wait
The long hesitation
You wait
As time is not hastening
On a wait
Trying your patience
To wait
Twiddling thumbs
Haws and hums
Tick-tock says the
Big clock 
Don't you just hate 
The wait