As we've searched over the years for distinct flavors and blends, we've found that "you can't rush a good thing"!  What it takes to create a unique and pleasing product is an insatiable love for it, along with a personal touch and desire to give consumers the very best. Therefore, we've taken time, as well as pleasure in the preparation of Your Coffee Fix.

Our Process

*comprehensive research

*selecting the best beans 

*extensive analogies 

*comparative tastings

*roasting and cooling process 

*select specific grinds that accommodate a multitude of coffee makers. 


To ensure utmost freshness, our pouches are foiled-lined, heat-sealed and has a valve to contain flavor and aroma. 


In an ongoing effort to provide expediency, your freshly roasted and ground product is prepared and shipped within 48 hours of purchase to your designated domestic address. 

Hence, we've created Your Coffee Fix.

Now we implore you to be refreshed each day, knowing we have helped to enhance each and every cup you brew.  Result-  the ultimate Coffee and Thee experience!