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Our Gourmet Coffee Selections

After tasting our After Dinner Blend, you will find as many coffee connoisseurs can attest, this blend is surprisingly versatile and perfect for any time of the day. These 100%Tanzanian beans are most certainly unique; punctuated by an intoxicating, chocolaty aroma. The subtle oaty undertone and rich-winey body are definitely palate pleasing.

Medium acidity; medium roast.

1 lb bag, ground

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All coffee is available in ground or whole beans. To ensure utmost freshness and flavor, our pouches are insulated, sealed, and have a one-way valve for extra preservation. 


1 lb 

2-1/2 lb

5 lb 

25 lb

Contact us by phone or email (Coffee Connection) for special/bulk orders; allow 3 to 5 days for these orders.

Response within 24 business hours.

Our Signature Blendis 100% Colombian beans. None of the off-the-shelf products come close to the quality of a fresh roasted bean. These large beans create a medium-bodied and sweet tasting coffee that is smooth with a rich flavor and aroma.

Medium acidity; medium roast.

1 lb bag, ground

The MorningJoeltBlend is specifically designed to give you everything you need to kick-start any time of the day.  Selected from South America and India, these coffee beans are naturally higher in caffeine. They are lightly roasted so as to not burn off much caffeine. As a result, this coffee is ideal for your morning or keep you going all night long.

Medium-high acidity; light roast

1 lb bag, ground




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