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should stop you

Not the elements

Not family

Not naysayers

Not haters

Nor delays

Nor defrays

Tight spots

Doors locked

He says

She says

Be it





You've got this!

Give it your all




You've got this!


above it all!




Inspired Writings

About the Author

The Look

Mirror, mirror
On the wall
Tell me what you see
Mirror, mirror tell me
If it’s true that we
Can easily find fault
In others; their looks
what they say
And not see visibly
Just look away

Mirror, mirror be honest
Is this really true
When I surmise
Through mine-eyes
Is this Me really You?



Think about it
You're striving for something
But how much do you want it
Are you just waiting on
Someone else to own it
Take it upon yourself
Take the control out of their hands
Execute your own ideas  
And be ready to expand

You can  do this
You know you can
But continuing to wait
Is not the best plan
Time will pass
Maybe even years
That wait would eventually
Fall prey to your fears

Wake up now
From being complacent
Remove obstacles 
Out of the way
It's in you. You know this!
You've got it like that!
When you name it, you claim it
And that's an actual fact
…the wait is over


Hi. I'm PJ Payne and I can remember as a child how freshly brewed coffee started my mother's day and most of her evenings. It is reminiscent of calm and simplicity and has stayed with me ever since.  Now, as an adult, it is in these moments of peace that I am able to exhale, reflect and embrace the essence of my mind and spirit through words.

First thing in the morning before my day begins, I go to my special place of peace, perfect peace: My Coffee and Thee. No matter the environment, the aroma of coffee takes me to that corner of nostalgia. 

 With pen at hand and precious moments of serenity, I express innermost emotions and thoughts in short stories, poetry, and prose; some even sprinkled with my dry wit and humor. My concept: "There is a poem for every situation, prose for every circumstance and a card for every special day and special person."



~PJ Payne


It will come
whether you
want it to, or not
It will come
right on time
on the dot
Each minute
each hour
each day
week, and year
It will come
no matter the joy
no matter the fear
Let it come
and be ready
Let it come
hold steady
Let it come
take your time
Let it come
A loss. A find.
-It's Life


Little Things


Set aside 
some time today
To recognize 
You may have 
a busy schedule
But the rewards
are next to none
You’ll never know 
who needs a hug
Or just simply 
a smile
A small gift, 
or a thank you
Goes an extra mile


Signs of the Time

It comes across
your mind
when you least
expect it
Things you do
and say
reflect it
Aptitude deficits
Slow reflexes
Without realizing
its impact
As you ponder
and it resonates
“It’s time for a
Coffee Break”




Coffee inspires numerous ideas. Whether writing, reading, crafts or whatever is enjoyed during coffee-time, we want to help integrate creativity and revitalization. As you enjoy your brew, here is one of our many coffee-inspired products.